Monday, September 19, 2016

Underground Utilities Completed. Concrete Work Completed. Roadway Improvements Continue

Work Completed Last Week, September 12th to 16th  
·         Completed water service replacements along Glendale Road
·         Made final connections between new and existing water mains along Glendale Road
o   Water main work completed for entire project
·         Poured concrete curb & gutter and driveways along Glendale Road
o   Concrete curb & gutter and driveway replacements completed for entire project
·         Abandoned fire hydrants and valves from old system
·         Completed minor storm sewer repairs.
·         Adjusted utility structures around jobsite
·         Testing of underground utility improvements along Ronald Road
·         Graded Glenadale Road in preparation for paving 1st layer of asphalt

Work Anticipated to be completed This week, September 19th to 23rd  
·         Continue with abandonment of fire hydrants and valves from old system along project site
·         Continue to perform final testing of underground utilities
·         Continue with utility structure adjustments along entire project site
·         Fine grading of previously installed topsoil along Ronald Road
·         Sod installation along Ronald Road
·         Installation and rough grading of topsoil along Glendale Road
·         Complete fine grading of Glendale Road
·         Pave first layer of asphalt pavement along Glendale Road, scheduled for Friday, September 23rd.

The majority of underground utility improvements are now completed for the entire project. The remaining work includes performing final testing, making minor repairs as needed, and adjusting the structure frames to the final elevations.

The majority of the concrete curb & gutter and driveway work is also completed along the project site. A walk-through will be performed to identify any defects, but any repairs should be minor.  Asphalt driveway restorations are scheduled in the next few weeks as the first layer of asphalt pavement along Glendale Road is paved.

The contractor will focus on getting the roadway graded for paving of the first layer of asphalt pavement along Glendale Road. As with the Ronald Road paving, this will be a significant project milestone that will allow for a smooth driving surface and greatly reduce the amount of dust on the project site.

The contractor is also anticipating to perform landscape restorations by fine grading topsoil and installing sod along Ronald Road and topsoil installation along Glendale Road.