Monday, October 3, 2016

Landscape Restoration nearly Completed

Work Completed Last Week, September 26th to 30th   
·         Landscape restoration along Ronald Road and Glendale Road
·         Final testing of underground utilities
·         Adjusting structures to final grade
·         Asphalt driveway restorations
·         Paved first layer of asphalt pavement along Glendale Road
·         Removed and replaced section of roadway that rutted near Greenwood Road
·         Made minor repairs to underground utility improvements 

Work Anticipated to be completed This week, October 3rd to 7th  
·         Complete sod restoration along project site.
·         Complete repair of roadway that rutted near Greenwood Road
·         Complete minor repairs to underground utility improvements
·         Perform final walk-through with Village, contractor, and engineer.
·         Pave surface layer of asphalt pavement

The project is nearing completion.  The first layer of asphalt has been installed along the entire project site. Landscape restoration with new topsoil and sod is nearly completed.

The contractor is continuing to make some minor repairs and adjustments to the underground utility improvements.  Once all repairs are made, a final walk-through will be performed with Village staff, the contractor, and engineering staff to ensure all repairs are completed. 

Following all repairs identified being made, the final layer of asphalt surface will be installed. It is anticipated this work will be completed in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding during the construction process. Hopefully you are beginning to see the end of the project and are satisfied with the end result.