Monday, July 25, 2016

Curb and Gutter Replacement to Begin on South Side of Ronald Road.

Work Completed Last Week, July 18th to July 22nd
·         Continued with storm sewer construction
·         Continued water service replacements along Ronald Road

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, July 25th to July 29th 
·         Complete storm sewer construction
·         Begin storm sewer service installation
·         Complete water service replacements along Ronald Road from Greenwood Road to Glendale Road
·         Perform required testing and receive necessary approvals prior to placing the new water main into service within the second section of new water main installed along Glendale Road from Ronald Road to Warren Road.
·         Begin removing existing concrete curb & gutter along Ronald Road from Greenwood Road to Glendale Road, south side of roadway.

The contractor will begin removing the concrete curb & gutter along the SOUTH side of Ronald Road from Greenwood Road to Glendale Road. During this construction operation, the concrete curb & gutter in front of each home will be removed. Temporary stone ramps will be installed at each drive to provide access. The amount of time each resident is restricted from using their driveway during the removal process should be limited.

It is anticipated the contractor will begin pouring the new concrete curb & gutter on the south side of Ronald Road from Greenwood Road to Glendale Road next week as well. During this process, residents will be restricted from using their driveways for approximately 1 week to allow for the curb & gutter to be installed and proper curing time of the concrete. Residents will be able to park on the opposite side of the street during non-working hours. During working hours, we request you park on adjacent streets outside the construction zone. Residents will be notified via letter regarding the day access will be restricted and timeframe for access being restored.

Again this past week, there were several emergency water shut-downs due to the contractor hitting existing water services while performing the water service replacements. Unfortunately this is part of construction. However, please be assured we have had continual discussions regarding this issue with the contractor and requested great care be taken while excavating. Should an emergency water shut down need to be performed, we will notify you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for all your patience, understanding, and cooperation as you live within a construction area.